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The Royal Air Force Cadets
buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery Arcadia, Desoto Co, Florida


East Row

Horace Bowley-Booth
1816282 ~ A-C-2 (C) ~ R-A-F-V-R
May 4, 1945
~Resting where no shadows fall
in perfect peace he awaits us all~
Thomas W. Calderhead
1573752 ~ A-C-2 (C) ~ R-A-F
May 4, 1945
~His smiling face no more we'll see
but his memory will live for aye~
Anthony J. Oakley
1807725 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
Jan 14, 1944
~Always in our thoughts "Tony" Dear We shall meet again my beloved son~
Thomas J. Parry
1653096 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
Jan 14, 1944
~To think we were not near
to keep one vigil o'er thy bed~
Ronald A. Purrett
1318367 ~ L-A-C ~R-A-F
Dec 14, 1942
~The spirit of his soul will ever abide with those by whom he was so beloved~
Geoffrey R. King
1387538 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
Dec 3, 1942
~In proud memory of our dear son
God grant his sacrifice be not in vain~
Richard B. Thorp
1430150 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
July 16, 1942
~Deeply mourned by Mom and Dad~
William Meekin
1505510 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
June 30, 1942
~Deep in our hearts his memory is kept
We who loved him will never forget~
M-H-E (Terry) Thomas
1587193 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
April 28, 1943
~Precious only son 
The beloved of the Lord
Shall dwell in safety  Deut 33:12~
Dennis H. Washer
1489918 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
April 28, 1943
~To live in hearts we leave behind
is not to die~
Edward C. F. Vosper
1653419 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
Aug 24, 1943
~Father in thy gracious keeping,
leave we now thy servant sleeping~
Leonard G. Stone
1581060 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
Aug 24, 1943
~Your memory lives in the hearts you
Eternal rest goodnight my son~

West Row


Lional M. Viggers
576807 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
October 9, 1944
~To the world he was only one
To us, he was the world
Saddly missed~
George H. Wilson
1567527 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
September 15, 1943 ~ Age 19
~The dearly loved son and brother
of a Scottish home~
Robert A. Wood
1396029 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
September 15, 1943
Born March 9, 1924
~At Leeds, England
Resided Harron Weald, Middlesix~
Roger B. Crosskey
1315702 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
January 20, 1942
~"Let this be my parting word,
That what I have seen is
unsurpassable"  Tagore
Alford T. Lloyd
1418101 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
January 5, 1942
~Be ye also ready; For in such an hour
as ye think not
The Son of man cometh~
Lewis Wells
1025611 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
December 9, 1941
~Peacefully sleeping free from pain
In God's own time we shall meet again~
C. F. ("Beano") Russell
1133738 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
July 22, 1941
~Farewell till we meet
Dads and Moms~
Derek R. Clandillon
1394558 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
January 19, 1943
~Our beloved boy
"And singing still doth soar
and soaring ever singest"~
John A. Clay
1395220 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
January 19, 1943
~Our crowded hour of glorious life~
F. McK. Robertson
(Forbes McKenzie)
1396142 ~ L-A-C ~ R-A-F
April 24, 1943
~In loving memory of our son
who gave his life
That we might live in freedom~
Micheal K. Hinds
1675666 ~ A-C-2 ~ R-A-F
July 13, 1944
~"We have loved him in life.
Let us not forget him in death"
St. Ambrose~
John Paul Riddle
1901 - 1989
~American pioneer of aviation
and co-owner of the flying school
where the British Cadets were trained
during World War 2~
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