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Fagin, Reatha (Bride)Lane, Leroy (Groom)6/24/1939
Fahnestock, Minnie M. (Bride)Dakins, Otto A. (Groom)7/20/1926
Fain, Marie (Bride)Anderson, James (Groom)5/31/1937
Falany, J. F. (Groom)Polk, Susie (Bride)12/24/1928
Falkner, Adie (Bride)Gresham, M. H. (Groom)3/24/1926
Fallon, Elizabeth H. (Bride)Davis, Alexander (Groom)8/7/1929
Fambrough, Charles W. (Groom)Crossland, Mary Agnes (Bride)5/11/1933
Fambrough, W. E. (Groom)Black, Juanita Neola (Bride)2/15/1925
Farley, Coke N. (Groom)Skinner, Retta (Bride)3/16/1938
Farley, Edgel W. (Groom)Neel, Bonetta (Bride)11/15/1941
Farr, C. R. (Groom)Whidden, Ruby (Bride)5/17/1924
Farrington, Helen Owens (Bride)Sloan, Kendrick Gray (Groom)6/27/1921
Fashaw, Malissa (Bride)Wadell, Charlie (Groom)2/5/1923
Faulk, James K. (Groom)Roberts, Mamie W. (Bride)8/3/1940
Fault, L. A. (Bride)Driggers, J. A. (Groom)6/22/1936
Fears, J. H. (Groom)Allman, Scottsy (Bride)12/31/1937
Feck, Evelyn (Bride)Querran, DeWitt (Groom)4/3/1931
Felix, Ella (Bride)Jenkins, Richard (Groom)6/5/1923
Fernandez, Joe (Groom)Hall, Grace (Bride)6/22/1934
Fernandez, Lewis (Groom)Fitzgerald, Irine (Bride)6/8/1934
Fernell, Minnie (Bride)Hamerick, Wiley (Groom)11/17/1925
Ferrer, Concepcion (Bride)Melian, Lorenzo (Groom)9/3/1924
Fichter, James W. (Groom)Whitten, Olive V. (Bride)6/12/1931
Files, Elizabeth D. (Bride)Bradley, E. E. (Groom)3/9/1929
Fillyaw, Clifford (Bride)Owens, Will (Groom)6/26/1934
Findley, Moneta Wilma (Bride)Parr, P. G. Jr. (Groom)8/23/1940
Finley, Maude (Bride)Roberts, J. I. (Groom)8/6/1930
Finney, Morgan (Groom)Maloy, Georgia Mae (Bride)1/7/1934
Fish, Samuel L. (Groom)Bruner, Margaret E. (Bride)5/26/1934
Fish, Swatie I. (Bride)Keen, Raymond J. (Groom)12/18/1924
Fisher, Beatrice (Bride)Jones, Ralph (Groom)5/6/1933
Fitz, Nelly (Bride)Zakery, Ben (Groom)7/6/1939
Fitzgerald, Irine (Bride)Fernandez, Lewis (Groom)6/8/1934
Fitzgerald, Joe (Groom)Ditto, Mary K. (Bride)9/25/1929
Fitzgerald, Mary K. (Bride)Ditto, S. L. (Groom)1/17/1933
Fitzhugh, Lee (Groom)Pigott, Ethel (Bride)12/27/1932
Fiveash, Joseph E. (Groom)Mathison, Stella K. (Bride)12/25/1940
Flanders, Will (Groom)Brittain, Quincy (Bride)6/19/1937
Fleming, Blanche (Bride)Smith, O. R. (Groom)6/1/1924
Fleming, Clio L. (Groom)Johnson, Ruby (Bride)1/6/1930
Fleming, Doris (Bride)Nivas, Charles E. (Groom)5/6/1934
Fleming, William (Groom)Key, Ida (Bride)1/31/1925
Fleming, Zula B. (Bride)Smith, Dotson (Groom)4/27/1927
Flemons, Marie (Bride)Taylor, Alonzo (Groom)1/14/1933
Fletcher, Thomas Flint (Groom)Brown, Lola Ellase (Bride)5/10/1941
Flint, Bessie (Bride)Adams, T. A. (Groom)4/11/1928
Flint, Dorothy Lee (Bride)Whidden, Lloyd (Groom)6/10/1938
Flint, James (Groom)Addison, Louise (Bride)1/9/1941
Flint, John (Groom)Street, Betty (Bride)11/23/1940
Flint, Lawrence (Groom)Wheeler, Pauline (Bride)3/31/1924
Flint, Lewis (Groom)Thompson, Estelle (Bride)7/29/1929
Flint, Margaret (Bride)Gayle, Bill (Groom)8/20/1935
Flint, R. J. (Groom)Everett, Mildred (Bride)8/3/1932
Flowers, John (Groom)Jenkins, Emma (Bride)4/22/1935
Flowers, L. H. (Groom)Miller, Alice (Bride)7/26/1928
Floyd, Albert J. (Groom)Baggett, Jessie Lee (Bride)12/20/1936
Floyd, Victor (Groom)Johnson, Mary (Bride)5/18/1935
Flynn, William (Groom)Thomas, Marian (Bride)9/19/1938
Flynt, Auther (Groom)May, Ida (Bride)2/28/1937
Fogle, George L. (Groom)Hendricks, Margaret L. (Bride)4/7/1934
Folger, Fannie (Bride)Lewellyn, Robert C. (Groom)3/25/1941
Fonde, Charles Henry (Groom)King, Rhea Habersham (Bride)11/29/1921
Forbes, Reatha (Bride)Session, Hammie (Groom)5/2/1929
Ford, George (Groom)Hoffman, Mary (Bride)3/1/1940
Ford, William H. (Groom)Howie, Mozelle (Bride)5/30/1926
Foreman, Carl W. (Groom)Langford, Lottie B., Mrs. (Bride)5/5/1933
Forest, Annie Mae (Bride)Dear, Fred (Groom)7/22/1939
Forest, Claudie Mae (Bride)Mitchell, Charlie (Groom)12/13/1938
Forest, Claudie Mae (Bride)Mitchell, Charlie (Groom)12/13/1938
Forest, Julius (Groom)Williams, Claudie Mae (Bride)1/2/1932
Forest, Rosetta (Bride)Jones, Cornelius (Groom)10/31/1937
Forrester, Poleamon Estelle (Bride)McLenon, Warren Russell (Groom)6/14/1941
Fort, Malcome (Groom)Barnwell, Alma (Bride)12/28/1929
Forth, Francis F. (Bride)Anderson, Frank N. (Groom)7/30/1938
Foster, Bonnie Jean (Bride)Bryan, James M. (Groom)5/11/1939
Foster, Dorris (Bride)Carver, Auther (Groom)11/3/1935
Foster, F. R. (Groom)Courtney, Clarice (Bride)8/3/1934
Foster, George (Groom)Smith, Clemtine (Bride)3/4/1936
Foster, Vera (Bride)Pultz, Howard (Groom)11/10/1939
Foster, Willie (Groom)Price, Clarice (Bride)3/13/1939
Fouts, Douglas Gilmor (Groom)Neundorfer, Ethel (Bride)6/8/1937
Foxworth, Nathaniel (Groom)Duncan, Frances (Bride)3/16/1931
Francis, Fred E. Jr. (Groom)Priest, Pauline Grace (Bride)5/28/1938
Francis, John Edward (Groom)McClenithan, Blie (Bride)6/5/1941
Frank, Lee (Groom)Rhodes, Rhoda (Bride)12/18/1933
Frank, Rudolph (Groom)Davis, Adeline (Bride)12/3/1933
Franklin, Bertha (Bride)Anderson, Joseph (Groom)4/12/1938
Franklin, Myrtis (Bride)Wheeler, Barney (Groom)6/14/1930
Frazee, Lillian (Bride)Alford, O. C. (Groom)1/26/1924
Frazier, Charles D. (Groom)Padgett, Elvia (Bride)5/27/1926
Frazier, Prudes (Bride)Slyke, James (Groom)12/29/1923
Frazier, Theodore (Groom)Johnson, Annie Mae (Bride)6/9/1929
Frazier, Wardie (Bride)Gibbs, Dixie (Groom)4/15/1932
Frederick, Ellen (Bride)Obendorf, Carl (Groom)3/19/1938
Frederick, J. G. (Groom)Burnside, Mary M. (Bride)3/11/1926
Fredrick, Naoma (Bride)Freeman, Robert (Groom)5/8/1936
Freedland, W. B. (Groom)Tinsley, Mildred (Bride)1/20/1933
Freeland, Jerry E. (Groom)Bess, Dorothy (Bride)5/29/1937
Freeman, Beatrice (Bride)Davidson, Frank (Groom)12/9/1940
Freeman, Clarence (Groom)Chandler, Hattie (Bride)4/27/1940
Freeman, Robert (Groom)Fredrick, Naoma (Bride)5/8/1936
Frieson, Dorothy Mae (Bride)Williams, R. L. (Groom)10/2/1937
Frisby, James E. (Groom)Addison, Mildred (Bride)11/14/1925
Fritz, Willie (Bride)Coburn, Harry (Groom)8/31/1932
Frizell, Lula (Bride)Kennedy, T. I. (Groom)10/23/1923
Frizzell, John Preston (Groom)Powers, Nelie Viola (Bride)1/2/1937
Fugate, John (Groom)Ott, Edna Houck (Bride)10/3/1932
Fugate, Katie (Bride)Youmans, Ozie (Groom)2/4/1931
Fugate, W. R. Jr. (Groom)Whiteside, Leona (Bride)7/17/1932
Fuller, Arther (Groom)Grayson, Willie Mae (Bride)7/17/1939
Fuller, Iceola (Bride)Baker, Eddie (Groom)12/25/1940
Fulmer, Stanley (Groom)McMorrow, Adele (Bride)8/17/1940
Fulton, Silas (Groom)Andrews, Bernice (Bride)9/26/1923
Fulton, Thelma (Bride)Mobley, Louis (Groom)10/12/1936
Furgeson, Margaret (Bride)Page, Leester (Groom)7/15/1940
Futch, Alice Christine (Bride)Santini, Lawrence C. (Groom)10/25/1938
Futch, Alvera V. (Bride)Driggers, Howard R. (Groom)6/30/1933
Futch, Annette (Bride)Summerall, Leroy (Groom)7/2/1934
Futch, Connie (Bride)Lanier, Coram (Groom)8/29/1925
Futch, Daniel (Groom)Roberts, Nellie (Bride)7/3/1926
Futch, Edith (Bride)Levins, Fred (Groom)10/21/1939
Futch, Edith (Bride)Levins, Fred (Groom)10/21/1939
Futch, Frank (Groom)Scott, Nellie (Bride)12/27/1937
Futch, Lewis (Groom)Cooper, Estelle (Bride)6/8/1940
Futch, Sarah (Bride)Bergess, Fred (Groom)1/2/1937
Futch, Stanley C. (Groom)Jones, Anna Katheryn (Bride)10/13/1940
Futral, George (Groom)Hudson, Earline (Bride)7/20/1940
Futral, Ray Whatley (Groom)Caputo, Mary Katherine (Bride)8/11/1940

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