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Land Patent

Refer to Charlotte Co. Range, Township, Section map for a ideal of the location

YNameAccession NumberIssue DateRangeTownshipSectionAliquot PartsCounty at time of Issue
Yeoman, Arlonzo J61112312/7/191725-E42-S28WSEDesoto
Yeoman, Arlonzo J61112312/7/191725-E42-S33NNEDesoto
Yeomans, David EFL0840__.25311/9/189123-E40-S25NSWDesoto
Yeomans, David EFL0840__.25311/9/189123-E40-S25WNWDesoto
Yobst, George83310111/18/192125-E42-S32Charlotte
Yobst, George83310111/18/192125-E42-S33Charlotte
Yobst, George83310111/18/192125-E42-S3SENWCharlotte
Yobst, George83310111/18/192125-E42-S3SWNECharlotte
York, Albert AFL0860__.3476/15/189419-E41-S12Desoto
York, Albert AFL0860__.3476/15/189419-E41-S13Desoto
York, Albert AFL0860__.3476/15/189419-E41-S21Desoto
Youmans, James MFL0710__.4446/30/188323-E40-S27SESEManatee
Youmans, James MFL0710__.4446/30/188323-E40-S341Manatee
Youmans, James MFL0710__.4446/30/188323-E40-S342Manatee
Youmans, James MFL0710__.4446/30/188323-E40-S34SENEManatee
Young, Robert HFL0590__.2075/25/188523-E40-S1SESEManatee
Young, Robert HFL0590__.2075/25/188523-E40-S12NNEManatee
Young, Robert HFL0590__.2075/25/188523-E40-S12NENWManatee
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S192Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S193Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S196Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S197Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S205Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S2910Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S293Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S294Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S299Desoto
Young, Robert L43636010/16/191420-E41-S322Desoto
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